What Accident Kills the Most Construction Workers?

What Accident Kills the Most Construction Workers

A recent study revealed that the most common type of construction accident kills one out of every three construction workers: falling. More than three-quarters of fatal construction accidents occur due to falling from ladders, floorboards, or holes. Another 9.4% of fatal construction accidents involve falling objects that hit the worker. These objects can either roll or swing and kill the worker, or they can be caught between two objects. Moving equipment or heavy equipment are other common causes of construction workers’ deaths.

Fall accidents are among the most common causes of construction worker deaths. Fall hazards can include falling objects, unprotected roof edges, and poorly constructed scaffolding. Unprotected trenches are another common source of fall hazards. Proper training and safety equipment are necessary to avoid falling accidents. Employers must provide guards on moving equipment to prevent workers from getting caught in between objects. Construction sites must also provide safe working conditions, including access to protective equipment and proper lighting.

Occupational safety and health administration or OSHA keeps records of workplace deaths and injuries. According to the most recent statistics available, a construction worker dies every six days. The rate of scaffolding injuries in the United States increased from nine to fourteen days per week in 2016.

Electricity is also another source of fatal construction accidents. Working around powerful electrical currents can lead to injuries such as electrocution, shocks, fires, and explosions. One of OSHA’s Fatal Four specifically refers to electrocution, where a construction worker contacts an overhead power line. The other types of accidents that cause fatalities are electrocution, falls, and electrical shock. As the third most common type of construction accident, electricity can lead to fatalities.

The most common type of construction accident kills workers in the U.S. Approximately 60 percent of work-related deaths occur as a result of four common types of incidents: falls, electrocutions, being struck by an object, and being trapped between two objects. These four types of accidents are responsible for about 60 percent of all construction accident deaths, which is more than a worker dies every six minutes.

The third most common type of construction accident kills workers: electrocution. Electrocution causes an array of injuries from cardiac arrest to burns. Regardless of the type of construction accident, many safety issues contribute to the fatality rate of construction workers. Electrocutions, as the name suggests, can occur in hazardous situations and are caused by inadequate lockout and tagout procedures. Improper lockout and tagout procedures, faulty electrical components, and a faulty design of electrical systems can all lead to fatal electrocution.

Crushing injuries are another common form of construction accident fatality. Crushing injuries, such as being squeezed between two objects, can occur when a construction worker is caught between two objects. These injuries can be fatal if a worker’s clothing gets caught in moving equipment or slides into an object. Unprotected excavation sites and collapsed scaffolding are common causes of this type of accident. If you or a loved one has been injured due to construction accident, speak to your Sherman Oaks personal injury attorney for further information.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly one-third of construction worker fatalities in 2015 occurred due to falls. In addition, one-third of all fatal construction worker falls were caused by falling from a roof. The second most common cause of falls was falling from a ladder. Falling from a ladder or scaffolding was a common cause of fatalities among ironworkers. Ironworkers were among the most at risk for falling, with over thirty percent of fatalities on construction sites.

Many of these accidents are preventable. Construction companies don’t protect their workers and are more concerned with profit-making over safety. If you or a loved one is injured on the job, seek medical attention and report the incident to the supervisor. If the employer doesn’t take your complaint seriously, you may be entitled to compensation. If you are unable to recover from your injury, you can seek compensation through a third-party lawsuit.

Another type of construction accident that can result in death is a crane collapse on a 51st-street site in New York City. This happened in 2008, and the annual Mass was moved. The incident was the worst construction accident in recent history, according to Mayor Michael Bloomberg. More than twenty people were injured in this accident. The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) says the construction industry is responsible for the injuries and deaths of its workers.